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What is Blue Chip Financial Advisors, LLC?

We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm located in Knoxville, Tennessee, offering fee-based services. We create and help implement comprehensive feasibility studies and financial plans for our clients, often using proprietary or patent-pending strategies to enhance the asset protection and wealth accumulation we help our clients achieve. Acting as "project manager," we specialize in coordinating the efforts of specialists in several financial disciplines for the benefit of our clients. For certain clients, we also offer Senior Settlement services. For more information on Senior Settlements, see our Life Settlements page.

Why would someone need a "project manager" for their financial concerns?

As the complexity of a person's financial life increases, they typically look to a host of advisors for help—lawyers, accountants, insurance agents, financial planners, stock brokers, trust officers, etc. Eventually, if the efforts of these advisors are not coordinated, things become unnecessarily complex and more confusing. Often what one advisor has put into place does not work well with what another has done.

How do you go about helping your clients?

We generally help our clients in one of the following ways:

We work with your current advisors (accountant, attorney, etc.) to make sure that their work is coordinated both with one another and with our suggestions regarding achieving your goals.  
If you are not currently working with competent and trusted advisors, we will make recommendations. Blue Chip Financial Advisors, LLC, has created strategic alliances with top accounting firms, third-party administrators, attorneys and other financial professionals. Through these alliances, we are able to provide each of our clients with a team of professionals uniquely suited to their particular situation.  
Whether working with your current advisors or those we recommend, we are generally in attendance at meetings with our client and each advisor to make sure each move is coordinated within the framework of the entire "big picture" of what the client wants and needs.  

What is the cost?

There is never a charge for our initial consultative meeting, during which we get feel for the client's current situation and suggest ways in which we might help. Our fee is dependent upon the complexity of the client's situation and we and the client agree on the amount of the fee before we begin working for them. Even with our modest fee, our clients often find that their overall expense is less than if they were trying to coordinate the work of the specialists on their own. Extra billings caused by redundancies and changes are virtually eliminated.

To experience for yourself the simplicity and peace of mind that result from the services of Blue Chip Financial Advisors, LLC, contact tom@bluechipfa.com